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Difficult is worth doing

Honda is known for clever ads and its live advert on Channel 4 last night was no exception. Gimmicky? Probably. But it certainly fitted in with its Difficult is Worth Doing campaign.

It also worked from the standpoint that not only was it given lots of free publicity in the media, I (and probably lots of other people) actually tuned in to watch an advert. Can’t remember the last time I did that.

One thing that did strike me as slightly odd when I went to the Honda website, is that the ad is for a particular car range. There was a brief cutaway to a car during the commercial but it wasn’t named. Then again, the fact that it got me to visit the site was probably the whole point.

Is it natural?

I spotted this in one of the weekend magazines, ‘Eat Natural’ are asking people what their advertsing should be. It got me quite intrigued by the whole concept behind it…

Are we supposed to feel valued because they want OUR opinion as a customer?
Is it about making us feel part of their community?
Have the current ad agency got no ideas of their own?
Is it a way of saving money?
Does this qualify as yet another ‘no fee’ pitch?

The last point made me start to wonder… are we missing a trick as a creative agency by not ‘entering’?

So many questions…

Still can’t decide what to do!

New client!

Great start to the week: we’ve picked up a new client! Molecular Profiles is an award-winning spin-out company from The University of Nottingham that helps pharmaceutical companies improve their medicines through advanced analytical techniques and consultancy.

The company has earned a fantastic reputation in recent years, culminating in a prestigious Queen’s Award in 2007. Claire and the team are now looking to take their marketing to the next level and that’s where Dandy come in.

First up is a new company brochure in time for a big conference in New York, and then we’ll be helping them with a new marketing strategy for the months ahead.

Friday afternoon round up

It’s been another busy old week at Dandy, with all of us out and about picking up new jobs and getting on with the ones we’ve got. I’ve been writing lots for the University of Hertfordshire, Ant’s been uploading the STEM website (we’ll let you know when it’s live) and Steve and Ant have been working with The University of Nottingham and Game City. Phew!

In the garden

Seed pots
We were going to do some work yesterday but the weather was so good that we went out in the garden instead to plant some veggie seeds. Tomatoes, courgettes, carrots, parsnips, rocket, aubergine… who knows, we might even get enough to start our own Dandy-branded fruit and veg stall.