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All worth while

Feedback - it’s dead important to us at Dandy, no good slaving away producing inspiring creative ideas unless the clients happy.

Of course we’ll push the client a little, and they’ll do the same to us, that’s how it works, but ultimately it’s really important they enjoy the process of working with Dandy, and even more important they get the results and impact required. We’ve had no complaints so far, in fact quite the opposite.

In fact we’ve had such fantastic feedback on the last few jobs we’ve completed that we felt we shouldn’t be too shy about letting people know, so here’s just a couple to be going on with. The work will be on the new ‘projects’ page soon (honest - just trying to find the time to do it!)

“The guys at Dandy made the whole experience exciting and enjoyable. The results are even better than we hoped and we feel really proud of our new brand.”
Anthony Moore, White Post Farm

“The design and print Dandy came up with was stunning, and really lifted the event - both on the evening and in the months running up to it. I’ve never had so many people tell me how great an invitation is”
Nick Lawford, Arts & Business East Midlands