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Nice big certificates

McNaughton Awards

A few weeks back we had a great weekend up at Gleneagles at the McNaughton Review. Ok, so we didn’t win (this time!), but this week we caught up with Clare from McNaughton and she gave us these rather nice Highly Commended certificates, which are headed for a studio wall near us sometime soon.

Game on!

Wii Steve
So the exciting news we were going to tell you last week but couldn’t until now is that Dandy has been chosen by GameCity to be its creative agency for this year’s event.

GameCity is an annual international independent videogames festival held in Nottingham and attracts world-wide attention. Since the inaugural event in 2006, the event has quickly built a fantastic reputation among gamers and within the industry for its innovative and exciting approach.

More than just about bashing buttons, GameCity is a real celebration and attracts the great and the good from across the gaming world (Tetris creator Alexey Pajitnov dropped by last year). There will be plenty of cultural talks and debates as well as quirky activities for all ages across the city.

Dandy’s delighted to be involved in helping take the festival to the next level (sorry). We’ve already got some great and innovative ideas on how to bring the event to life, while capturing the excitement and enthusiasm of this most inventive – and underrated – cultural pursuits. One of the big challenges for us will be to encourage more non-gamers to come along and feel part of the festivities.

GameCity will run from 30 October to 1 November. To become a gamecitizen and keep up with the latest festival news, go to gamecity.org. You can also join the Facebook group if that’s your thing. 

A happy blogger

Great to see our friends at White Post Farm so enthusiastically embracing their new brand and particularly the new website we did for them.

It’s all very well clients wanting the ‘latest thing’ - in this case a blog with the usual ability to add video, images etc, but unless it’s used effectively there’s really no point.

That’s why it’s so satisfying to see them using the farm blog so well, and enjoying the freedom it gives them to promote the farm. Good stuff. (I particularly love this new Lamb pic)


Nano launch

Tent and banners
If you were passing through the centre of Nottingham over the weekend you can’t have failed to miss NanoWhat?. The 2008 East Midlands Nanotechnology Roadshow kicked off its tour of the region on Friday and we were invited along to see the results of our hard work.

Signage, banners, t-shirts, screenshots, booklets, leaflets, pencils, quiz sheets, school workbooks… it was brilliant to see it all. The place was packed and our clients, Victoria and Sally from The University of Nottingham, were rushed off their feet but thrilled with how well we’d delivered for such a large and complex event.

Straight after we went to the View from the Top gallery to see an exhibition of the photos for Nottingham Science City. The project was art directed by Steve in collaboration with photographer Mark Enstone.

In all, a good end to the week. And that’s not all. Stay tuned because tomorrow we’ll (hopefully) be announcing some very exciting news indeed…