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A chip of the old block

We’re currently working on a great new branding project (still a secret at present), but for inspiration we’ve been trawling through past printing techniques, and especially the beauty that is letterpress woodblock printing.

It’s so rewarding to delve into the past to create something contemporary and fresh for the future, and because these techniques are so rare now, they create real stand out in a world of Mac generated designs.

Just because something isn’t used in the mainstream anymore doesn’t mean it’s become irrelavent. Hand worked design - whether it be the current trend for scribbles and doodles or the craft of the past can really add character and and personality to a project.

And if nothing else, it really gives you an understanding of the level of skill required in the past to produce something beautiful - and that make us double determined to create something new and inspiring to live up the the standards and quality of the past.

Hopefully we’ll be able to share the lovely new design here very soon.

Monday morning blues (and oranges)

Monday morning blues, what nonsense. I got up this morning pretty eager to start work on a lovely new project we’re working on, then I took a peep out the window and look what greeted me…! How could anyone not feel truly inspired when a day starts like this. Can’t wait to get cracking now, although a cup of tea may help.

All smiles

It was the Nottingham Creative Business Awards last night and we were shortlisted for an award - well we didn’t win, but we did have a great evening, and it was a chance to look a touch dandy!

The event was fantastically well staged and it really was inspiring to see how much creative talent is bubbling away in Nottingham.

Let’s make sure as a sector we continue to promote creativity on all it’s levels, and how it can play such a beneficial and positive part in everyone’s life’s, from business to leisure.

Roll on next year, I want that award!

Arty party

I’m off to the Freieze Art Fair in London this weekend, which is very exciting. If you’ve never been, it’s always worth a visit. Some amazing creativity - a good mixture of inspiring, enlightening, unusual and just plain bonkers. Oh, and beautiful branding by the talented people at Graphic Thought Facility, London.

You’ve just got to watch out for the giant rabbits!

Good design makes a difference

Say what you like about Apple but they certainly know how to push the boundries.

With all the fuss over iPods and iPhones, its easy to forget or miss the incredible attention to detail of it’s designers, and their determination to constantly solve problems and demand more from their products. In fact they are probably a victim of their own success, as we now all expect so much from them.

No doubt we’re all aware of the high profile product launches, but for me it’s the little touches in the less glamourous areas that catch my eye. I’ve just treated myself to one of their new keyboards, and what a joy it is. Who else in the mainstream is thinking of ways to half the size and thickness of their keyboards, and make them so beautifully designed? But I think my favourite little touch isn’t something that looks great, but that’s just a marvellous piece of innovation - the power plug to my laptop is held in place by a magnet - how clever is that - pure, simple, genius.

We should never settle for average, whatever we do or make, as too much of the market place does, those that stand out will be those that are prepared to find new and interesting way of doing things. I for one say well done to Apple for setting the benchmark so high, companies and organisations who put a high value on design (in all it’s forms), and place it at the heart of what they do, will reap the benefits.

The harder you push yourself, the more you will discover, and the more rewarding the results will be.

I’ll stop now before I start to sound too much like an American motivational speaker!