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And the consolation prize goes to…

Paul Smith chair.JPG
Well, we might not have won our category at the Creative Business Awards, but that didn’t stop us winning the raffle. In a move that softened the blow to our creative egos somewhat, the compere (Steph’s dad from Hollyoaks) announced we’d won this rather fancy Paul Smith chair. It’s not an armchair. It’s not an office chair. But it is perfect for long-phone-call lounging. We love it.


Myself and a few friends creative endeavours, not quite sure we all checked the ‘scarey’ brief!

Monkey business

Sir Martin Sorrell, head of advertisers WPP, was discussing in an article how advertising revenue at his company had slumped.

He put this down to the increasing popularity of social networking websites. “Social networking is really recommendation between people about the things they are interested in and they like… this has stimulated people’s attention,” he said. Social networkers, he added, were more cynical and had a particular aversion to traditional advertising, whereas peer-to-peer recommendation was much more powerful. 

Perhaps this explains the Cadbury gorilla advert. Talkingretail.com says: “The new ad will engage consumers on a personal level, reminding them exactly why Cadbury Dairy Milk is Britain’s favourite chocolate brand.”

It’s certainly engaging, yet it’s hard to spot any connections at all to the product or brand or to us as consumers. But search for it on YouTube and things start to make more sense. Its quirkiness and originality are perfect for that medium and audience, with hundreds of spoof remakes and edited versions – the Gorilla drumming along to the likes of Metallica and 50 Cent – all flying about and being shared.

What the ad does for sales of Dairy Milk remains to be seen but Cadbury has certainly been quite canny: tapping into an increasingly hard-to-reach audience who not only love the ad, but are also willing to do the company’s PR for them too. 


A chip of the old block

We’re currently working on a great new branding project (still a secret at present), but for inspiration we’ve been trawling through past printing techniques, and especially the beauty that is letterpress woodblock printing.

It’s so rewarding to delve into the past to create something contemporary and fresh for the future, and because these techniques are so rare now, they create real stand out in a world of Mac generated designs.

Just because something isn’t used in the mainstream anymore doesn’t mean it’s become irrelavent. Hand worked design - whether it be the current trend for scribbles and doodles or the craft of the past can really add character and and personality to a project.

And if nothing else, it really gives you an understanding of the level of skill required in the past to produce something beautiful - and that make us double determined to create something new and inspiring to live up the the standards and quality of the past.

Hopefully we’ll be able to share the lovely new design here very soon.

Monday morning blues (and oranges)

Monday morning blues, what nonsense. I got up this morning pretty eager to start work on a lovely new project we’re working on, then I took a peep out the window and look what greeted me…! How could anyone not feel truly inspired when a day starts like this. Can’t wait to get cracking now, although a cup of tea may help.