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A meeting of minds

Meetings, they often divide opinion, a must for some, a bane for others. A neccesary evil maybe? Well it’s all really down to how they are conducted and if they really contribute to ‘doing stuff’. I came across this lovely little blog at the ‘howies’ site (howies - great people, great philosophy, great product. They know what they are doing) and it pretty much summed up my philosophy on meetings.

That said, you’ve got to have them. We recently finished a really big project, that involved getting an awful lot done in a very short period of time - hence quite a few regular meeting, but thanks to the client, they were always enjoyable, reasonably short, and very productive.

But equally, we have just recently been appointed to create a web based brand identity. We kicked off with a meeting together, a sort of ‘get to know’, but from here on in it’s all pretty much going to be done over the internet - which seems perfect for all parties and reduces administrative time and increases creative time - everyone’s happy.

All goes to prove there is no right and wrong way to meetings - just the need to not let them dominate proceedings, it’s the creativity that counts at the end of the day.