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New Dandy work book

We just produced a new little booklet of some of the work we’ve created over the last year or two. Something to give potential clients, fellow creatives and anyone who’s interested, a taste of what we’re all about.

If you’d like a copy or have anything else you’d like to know about Dandy, just drop us a line.

Service with a smile doesn’t cost anything

I’ve just treated myself to a lovely jumper for the winter, spotted it on the net but had trouble tracking one down in my size, eventually emailing the company direct.

Turns out the company is based in Nottingham - the lovely people at Universal Works. A fledgling little company with it’s heart in the right place, foregoing mass market appeal to produce well designed, often locally produced, crafted clothing - rejuvenating the art of the artisan. But that’s not the reason for this little piece, though that in itself is worth telling.

What I found so rewarding was having got in touch with them and exchanged a couple of email’s we came to an arrangement where by they delivered the jumper in person, leaving a beautiful little accompanying letter telling me a little about the history and source of the item, and thanking me for my custom, even popping in a extra little ‘pocket square’ gift - lucky me. Beat that for service.

Good customer service isn’t planned, contrived and worked out in process meetings, it’s born of a genuine love for the work you do and the passion to pass that on, thanks to David and Stephanie at Universal Works for reaffirming that and leaving me with an extra little feel-good factor inside.

“You’re in Room 375C Sir”

It was only a matter of time before Pantone realised the full value and potential of their brand, the long time staple colour partner for every creative studio in the land.

First it was mugs, then bags, seats etc etc. But I must admit I didn’t see the Pantone Hotel coming, very adventurous idea, but looks fun. I love the idea of getting my credit card key to room 375C - you just know it would look so much cooler than your average motel card key.

I can see this place popping up in all the Sunday magazines very soon, book to avoid disappointment, metallic rooms are extra!

Green work

New work up on the ‘projects’ page, our ‘Green’ campaign for The University of Nottingham. Promoting the environmental steps the University are taking, but also a call to action for all students and employees to play their part too. Go take a look.

Proper Dandy

I’ll be taking part in the Tweed Run this weekend, touring all the delight’s of old London town in proper gentlemanly attire.

Yesterday I received my registration pack for the event, lovely to see all the care and attention that had gone into putting together a suitable dandy pack, even with some Gentlemen’s snuff, probably to help clear all that ‘fog’ down there. Nice job guys.