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A Sterling job

Whatever you think of modern architecture, it's impossible not to be inspired each year by the buildings in the Sterling Prize, this year is no exception. There is the usual eclectic mix of buildings, I was particularly taken with Astley Castle, a fantastic way to retain past structures, but bring them into a new modern context. We have lots of old buildings just standing dormant - what a inspired way to introduce modern, clever ideas and innovative materials and design, into a new overall experience. I especially like the way old meets new, rough meets smooth, wood meets brick… I could go on. Clever people those Architects, they get my vote.


Inspiring imagery

I've long been an admirer of the Patagonia brand, in fact it's where I discovered '1% For The Planet'. They've long been setting the benchmark for outdoor lifestyle branding - although to talk of it in such terms is to miss the point. What they do, and have been doing since they started, is truly inspire people to discover the outdoors through their stunning photography and marketing. Investing in photography of such beauty and diversity as to reach out to people, whatever their passion - surfing, walking, cycling, climbing.. and fire their enthusiasm. Good imagery, indeed good branding, when proper value is placed on it, can do these things. Well done I say.


Your Portrait Ma’am

I see that The National Portrait Gallery has commissioned a new portrait of the Queen and the Duke as part of an exhibition to mark next year’s Diamond Jubilee called ‘The Queen: Art and Image’. Very stylish it is too - beautiful spark of colour on the seat and dark lighting in the background, great use of space around the subject - a real refeshing image of the couple I think.

The choice of the German Thomas Struth to create a stronger contemporary feel was clearly a good decision. Let’s hope for Tom’s sake she likes it too!

Trent University Degree Show

I’ve been helping out with teaching at Trent University now for a couple of years, it’s a great opportunity to keep involved with nurturing the creative talent of the future, passing on a few nuggets from my own experience and helping them develop their talent still further - something I’ve always enjoyed doing and found hugely rewarding.

This week saw the culmination of the students endeavours, with the public display of the year three students degree shows. I took the opportunity to have a good look round and survey the talent on show - especially as I had been given the task, as a judge, of picking out some of the most impressive work as ‘Best in Show’. Needless to say it was a tough task, the standard of work was excellent and a real encouraging fillip for the future.

Let’s hope the economy picks up and this bright new talent get’s the opportunity to demonstrate their skills to the wider world - I’m sure at their best they will add to any creative studio willing to give them a chance to prove themselves - good luck guys!

Simple over clever

I see the new BBC website homepage has been revealed - for beta testing and feedback - a fine improvement. Gone is the slightly needless ability to edit and customise just about everything, which research showed VERY few people actually bothered with, in is clean clear content, much more iPad/Tablet focussed, with scrolling screens - I like. The BBC always set a benchmark, looks like they've done it again. Oh and the clock remains, excellent, we love the clock.